We scope, plan and deliver identified projects with a human resources and health and safety element to them, working with an identified lead or sponsor within the client organisation. We have an excellent track record in this area and can offer a wide range of testimonials, case studies and satisfied clients who will be pleased to discuss our work with you. Our consultants are all skilled and experienced project managers and you will be offered continuity of account lead throughout your work.

Projects are costed and agreed in advance of commencement of work; any additional works arising during the project will be scoped and costed separately.

We tailor our delivery to your specific desired outcomes and recognize that the scale of a project will be proportionate to the size of your organisation. A project might be anything from a half day to review documents, for example in a recruitment and selection process, to a “spin out” from a local authority or from the NHS, involving internal communications, TUPE, restructuring and cultural change, spread over several months.

We also offer retained services of an agreed number of days per week, per month or per quarter to provide strategic or operational HR capacity to supplement in-house skills, to deliver on-site projects, to work with a Board or to support a senior team or to provide temporary  cover for a role for a period of time.

Please call us on 01562 840060 or email to discuss any work you may have in mind.

To help you see how we could add value to your organisation, or support you with your projects, we’ve provided some examples of our services in the drop down menu.