Free HR support – Social Impact Fund

Roots HR are offering small charities and other social sector organisations the opportunity of accessing FREE HR support as part of our social impact, funded by our trading surpluses.

Why is the offer available?

Alison Smith, CEO and Lead Consultant of Roots HR, explains:

Our vision at Roots HR CIC is to improve social sector outcomes through better people management. As a social enterprise one of the ways we do this is reinvesting a portion of our trading surpluses to provide a range of FREE HR services to the sector including HR toolkits, factsheets, webinars, management development and now, as part of Small Charities Week 2023, we are delighted to offer an opportunity for micro, small to medium sector organisations to apply for free HR support to meet the current needs of their organisation or to help ensure sound employment practices are in place.”

What is being offered?

Roots HR are delighted to have established a  Social Impact Fund for 2023, which will fund up to 40 hours of employer led HR consultancy support delivered by our consultants who are all highly skilled and technically knowledgeable social sector HR experts.

Small charities and other social sector organisations can apply to this fund, setting out the HR issues or challenges they are currently facing that they require support with. Following a scoping call with a consultant we will determine whether this is a project that can be delivered through this fund, develop a plan or work and establish how many hours HR Consultancy would be required. From there applications for the fund will be accepted, revised or rejected.

Examples of organisational HR issues or challenges where funded HR support could be used may include:

  • Review and recommendations in respect of pay levels or employee benefits
  • Guidance and support with recruitment and selection of key roles
  • Updating or developing legally complaint HR documentation, including contract templates, handbooks and policies.
  • Support and guidance with restructures
  • Guidance on becoming an employer
  • HR learning and development for managers or Trustees
  • Support with a complex employee relations issue

Support that cannot be provided through the Small Charities Social Impact Fund for 2023 includes (but is not limited to):

  • Payment of salaries or wages
  • Recruitment advertising costs
  • Non-HR related work or documentation
  • Outsourcing of HR administration
  • Provision of an HR Information System

Who’s it for?

Any micro, small or medium sized charity or other social sector organisation (under 250 employees) based in England, Wales or Scotland may apply for this offer.

It’s also a great opportunity for those of you who are just about to start employing people.

Please note: existing or former paying clients of Roots HR are not eligible to apply.

How does it work?

If your application is successful Roots HR will provide you with a plan of work and will agree deliverables and timescales with an internal sponsor within your organisation.

The support will be delivered remotely via email, telephone or Teams/ Zoom by our HR Consultants. The work set out within the plan of work will be used by 31st March 2024; any remaining hours at the end of this time will be lost.

If you wish to purchase additional hours from us after this time, you can do so at our usual rates.

How do I apply?

Simply complete the application form which can be accessed and completed here by 4pm on Friday 30th June 2023. If you’d like the application form in a different format for accessibility, please email and we will be happy to supply this.

How will you select the successful organisation?

Only applications for services that Roots HR can deliver will be considered.

We are more likely to select organisations according to who we believe has the most to gain from funded HR consultancy hours, based on the information you give us in your application form.

Once all funded hours are allocated, no further hours will be offered. As such all applications will be considered on a first come first served basis.

Successful applicants will be notified by no later than Friday 21st July 2023.

About Roots HR CIC

Roots HR CIC supports social sector organisations to achieve four crucial aspects of people management: to comply with employment law, to perform through great people management, to grow through providing training and developing opportunities and to support employees to adapt and move on, usually after redundancy or restructures.

Terms and conditions

Our decision about selected organisations who will receive funded HR consultancy support from Roots HR CIC is final and we reserve the right to amend or cancel this opportunity at any time.

After the consultancy hours been used, we will ask you to complete a short evaluation of our services, which may be used for marketing and social media purposes. We will seek to protect your organisation’s identity if you request us to.