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When funding cuts, service delivery changes, increasing costs etc. lead to organisational change, redundancies and restructuring are often inevitable. If you are facing these sorts of decisions, you may want to consider offering outplacement services to affected employees.

What is Outplacement?

Outplacement is a support service typically offered by organisations to employees exiting the business, usually because of redundancy, organisational change, restructure or a settlement agreement. 

Outplacement services are often outsourced to organisations such as Roots HR to help employees transition to new jobs or careers, by providing them with career guidance, job search support, and other resources.

Outplacement services can ensure that employees leave your organisation feeling supported as they transition into the next phase of their career, whilst remaining advocates or your organisation. 


What Outplacement Services do Roots HR Offer?

Roots HR provides affordable outplacement service options tailored to the social sector to help employees prepare for restructures with internal competition or to prepare for their next role externally.

Our services cover a wide range of practical and emotional needs at all levels from frontline to executive outplacement and director outplacement services, and to a range of budgets. They can be provided on a one-to-one or group basis, or a combination of these.

Initial Assessment

During an initial assessment we work with the individual to understand their current situation and to identify short and long-term goals or objectives which allow us to develop an action plan for their individual outplacement support.

We can also work with the individual to prepare for the future through the provision of self-marketing and career management tools.

Critiquing, Re-writing and Updating CVs

We work with the individual to review existing or develop a new, high impact CV. Through this work we can cover common CV templates and tips for writing CVs which are optimal for use on mobile job boards, provide guidance on researching and tailoring CVs for job roles and provide guidance on writing a successful cover letter or email.

Identifying Internal & External Sources of Future Employment

Through outplacement services we work with individuals on moving forwards, considering options and opportunities from looking for a similar role in a similar organisation through considering a complete career change.

This allows us to develop an action plan including areas such as:

  • Understanding the visible and hidden job market
  • Personal branding and networking
  • LinkedIn
  • Reactive and targeted job searches

Interview and Assessment Preparation

Through our outplacement support we can work with individuals to help prepare them for selection processes including interviews and assessments such as:

  • Presentations
  • Aptitude tests
  • Case Studies
  • In Tray Exercises

We will help individuals understand the practical, mental and technical preparation they should go through in advance of an interview and assessment. Typically, this will include understanding the importance of non-verbal as well as verbal communication, understanding (and preparing for) the types of questions asked in interviews and how to give the interviewer reasons for them to offer the job role.

Employee Support and Coaching

Employee support and coaching through our outplacement services can help individuals to process information in respect of the changes they are experiencing, be effective at allowing them to reflect on their professional achievements and enable them to consider how they may move forward.


What are the Benefits of Outplacement?

While outplacement support is often seen as a benefit for the employee, it also has many benefits for the employer.

How Organisations Benefit

Organisations can benefit from providing outplacement support through:

Maintaining a positive reputation: Providing outplacement support shows that the employer is committed to supporting employees even during difficult times, which can help maintain a positive reputation and brand image.

Boosting employee morale: Offering outplacement support can help boost employee morale and reduce the negative impact of job loss on remaining employees, leading to better productivity, engagement and retention.

Enhancing remaining employee loyalty: Outplacement support can lead to increased employee loyalty, which can improve organisational performance.

How Employees Benefit

Individuals can benefit from outplacement support in various ways, including:

Help with a career transition: Outplacement support provides employees with career guidance and support, including resume writing, interview skills, and job search strategies, making it easier to find new employment opportunities.

Reducing stress and anxiety: the loss of a job role can be a stressful and anxious experience; outplacement support can help employees to manage their emotions and develop coping strategies.

Boosting confidence and self-esteem: Outplacement support can provide employees with a sense of empowerment, by giving them the tools they need to find new employment opportunities, which can boost confidence and self-esteem.


Outplacement Packages and Costs

Roots HR offer a range of packages of outplacement support which can be delivered via Teams and Zoom, including:

Package 1: £295 + VAT
CV review / critique / rewrite

Package 2: £445 + VAT
1 x 1.5 hour initial assessment /action planning session
CV review / critique / rewrite

Package 3: £544 + VAT
1 x 1.5 hour initial assessment /action planning session
CV review / critique / rewrite
1 x 1 hour interview / assessment coaching session

In addition, we can offer bespoke group sessions and on-site sessions tailored to the requirements of your organisation. These are helpful where there is a long lead-in time to the change taking effect or a larger group or team affected and can be provided at your premises if desired. In these cases, we can work as a business partner to the organisation, from initial communication to individual consultations and exits and in supporting “survivors” of redundancy during and after the changes have taken place.

Meet our team of HR experts that will provide these outplacement support services.

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