Note taking for formal meetings

An accurate record of formal meetings in your organisation is critical if you are ever faced with defending an employment tribunal claim; employers are expected to keep clear records of such meetings and it can help avoid disagreements further down the line because of inconsistencies in evidence or having to rely purely on memory. A note taker present at an investigation interview or formal meeting enables the chair of the meeting to really focus on what the individual is saying without having to worry about accurately capturing all the information. A note taker can also act as a witness to the meeting and can be useful in reading back the notes of the meeting to check information or agree that what has been recorded is accurate.

Many small social sector organisations find that they don’t have anyone suitable inhouse to provide this service; perhaps there’s nobody sufficiently independent to the proceedings or there is a lack of technical skills. We can provide a professional and independent note taking service for all your formal meetings. Our HR consultants are specialists in the social sector and experienced in taking accurate, detailed notes (but not verbatim as these generally aren’t necessary) in any of the following situations:

–              Investigation meetings

–              Disciplinary hearings

–              Capability meetings

–              Grievance hearings

–              Appeal meetings

–              Consultation meetings

We can provide this service onsite by attending the meeting, or remotely over phone/Skype. Once the meeting has finished we will type the notes up for you to a high quality using our standard format (unless we’ve agreed to use a different style). We aim to produce the draft notes for your review and approval within a 48 hour turnaround and if you require it, we will also send the interviewee a copy of the notes and answer any queries they may have about them.

Our standard terms of trading include a confidentiality clause and we will additionally sign a confidentiality agreement if you require us to.

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