Changes to terms & conditions

Changing the terms and conditions of employment of all or part of an existing workforce can often save jobs and enable services to continue, albeit in a different way to those previously offered.  Salary reductions, changes to job descriptions and working hours and removal of generous benefits such as extended sick pay and final salary pension schemes are all examples of terms that can be varied if a consistent approach and an appropriate process is followed.

However, making such changes can often be more difficult than making redundancies, for the obvious reason that the workforce will remain in place and perceived unfairness can result in employee dissatisfaction, loss of morale, grievances and even employment tribunal claims. Professional advice in these circumstances is often viewed as essential. We can add value through:

  • Workforce planning and planning of timelines for change
  • Advice on strategies for effective redeployment of existing staff
  • Developing a business case and a communication plan for change
  • Appointment of staff representatives where appropriate
  • Preparation for, and attendance, advice and note taking at, informal and formal consultations meetings with employees
  • Template documents, meeting scripts and letters
  • Advice and support
  • Training and coaching for managers

Please contact us in confidence for more information and to discuss this further.