Bullying & harassment

We all aspire to work in an environment where our rights are respected and our dignity is preserved. When this is not the case, bullying and harassment, however minor and in whatever forms, are unwelcome, unpleasant and potentially damaging behaviours and can present in a wide variety of ways. Often a perpetrator will lack awareness of their impact on others and will deny their behaviour is anything other than acceptable. They can often hold a senior role and other managers, Trustees or Directors may condone their behaviour through a failure to act.

The behaviours usually arise from a lack of insight and / or prejudice and employers actively seeking to avoid such situations will engage with a number of proactive initiatives such as training managers and staff in awareness of bullying and harassment and anti-discriminatory practice and establishing Respect at Work champions or similar. We can provide training at all levels and advise further on positive respect at work initiatives upon request.

If you have received a complaint from an employee which indicates that they believe they have been bullied or harassed, please contact us for further advice. We can offer a range of advice and support, from informal steps such as simple conversations to facilitation or mediation, to a formal process, including investigation and hearing and will ensure that the rights and dignity of all parties are protected and respected throughout. We will work with your relevant internal policies (if you have them) and will ensure that our advice meets the requirements of the ACAS Code of Practice, since it is possible that the employee’s claim of bullying or harassment may also constitute a grievance.

Please contact us in confidence for more information and to discuss this further.