If You Only Do 5 Things

Roots HR team are promoting their 5 year message for civil society employers called …if you only do 5 things. The campaign aims to make effective people management simple for small employers in the sector.

So if you are a leader or manager in a civil society organisation and if you only do 5 things, you should…

  1. Ensure contracts of employment and job descriptions are up to date and fit for purpose and the “rules” of working in your organisation are written down and communicated to everyone. There is no point in investing time in your people if you can’t rely on these basics when you need them. Read more »
  2. Make sure the structure of your workforce is fit for purpose. If your staff don’t have the right skills to deliver your services or your payroll costs you more than you can afford each month, it’s probably not sustainable for very long. Read more »
  3. Talk regularly about how the organisation is doing and what you need from staff as your external environment changes. Make dealing with change part of the natural course of events in your organisation. Read more »
  4. Develop anyone who manages staff or volunteers to set SMART objectives, monitor performance and provide feedback really well. These are the core skills of a great manager in any circumstances. Read more »
  5. Deal swiftly and informally with instances of underperformance or minor misconduct. These won’t improve on their own but a quick, quiet word will usually suffice. Read more »

Feel free to contact us for help or more information in any of these areas.