What is outplacement support and what are the benefits?

What is outplacement support?

A recent conversation amongst Consultants at Roots HR sparked a question – do people outside of the HR profession understand what we mean when we talk about outplacement support or services? A short Twitter poll later and the answer was a resounding No!







Outplacement is a support service typically offered by organisations to employees exiting the business, usually as a result of redundancy, organisational change, restructure or a settlement agreement. Outplacement services are often outsourced to organisations such as Roots HR with the focus on working with the employee to support their transition into a new role or career. Services can include:

  • Career guidance and coaching
  • Job search strategies
  • Self-marketing
  • CV review and rewriting
  • Interview and selection techniques

Outplacement support is typically paid for by the employer as a gesture of goodwill in circumstances that are usually difficult. However it can also be self-funded. It is delivered through face-to-face or remote (phone / email) coaching or workshops.

What are the benefits of outplacement support?

Outplacement services are evidenced to improve morale, motivation and productivity during times of change, helping line managers to lose or redeploy staff with a clearer conscience, making their jobs easier and less stressful, as reported in The Value of Outplacement survey (Reed Consulting, 2006). In this survey, 65% of employers agreed or strongly agreed that providing employment support for employees displaced through redundancy helped the organisation retain those employees required to stay. This is never more relevant than when the labour market is tight and competition for jobs is fierce.

Our experience has shown that the offer of outplacement services can serve to minimise conflict and emotion at a difficult time because they convey and support the message that despite having to make some tough decisions, the employer wants to do the best it can for those affected.

The employment market continues to change at a phenomenal rate and the information and skills required for getting a job shift every year. This can be challenging for those who have been continually in work for several years and may not, for example, have ever applied for a job online or through an agency, or had to attend a group interview or to undergo online assessments.

How can Roots HR help?

If your organisation is considering a restructure or an employee exit, Roots HR can provide affordable options tailored to the social sector through our ADAPT services.  Our services cover a wide range of practical and emotional needs and are tailored to all levels from frontline staff to senior managers and Chief Executives, and to a range of budgets. They can be provided on a one-to-one or group basis, or a combination of these and can include:

  • initial assessment
  • cv critique, re-writing and updating
  • identifying sources of future employment, both internal and external
  • personality profiles and feedback
  • preparation and practice for interviews and assessments
  • counselling  support to help the employee come to terms with change
  • support for employees who wish to make other life changes such as setting up a business, relocating or retirement.

We can tailor the contents to suit your requirements and the needs of the employee(s).


“Just wanted to thank you and let you know your sessions on Monday really have helped me out. I applied for a job yesterday morning. I was then called in the afternoon for an interview this morning. Anyway, without getting into too much detail I got the job straight after the interview – they were that impressed. One of the most useful concepts I took from your sessions was showing how much I want a job. And this is the feedback they gave me – that I seemed very keen and had loads of passion. And that’s what made them hire me instead of another very strong candidate who was just confident.”

Melba Gunura, Audience Engagement Assistant – Audiences Central

Still unsure?

We are happy to talk to you about the ways in which you could approach outplacement support and the benefits it could have on your employees and your organisation. Please do ring us on 01562 840060 to book a call with one of our consultants.

Talk to us!

We are always interested to hear your thoughts on our blog topics, so do let us know about your experiences with outplacement support or career coaching by using the comments section below.

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