What benefits could a social sector SME gain from an HR Information System (HRIS)?


What is an HRIS? 

An HRIS is a system which is used by employers to collect and store data on their workforce. Typically, an HRIS will have basic functionalities that allow you to store data accrued through the whole employee lifecycle, from recruitment and selection, learning and development, performance management, pay, health and wellbeing and ending employment. Some systems may have additional functionality which automates some processes (e.g., arranging interviews) and for employee “self-service” such as requesting annual leave, or changing their address.  

An HRIS can either run on an organisation’s internal technical infrastructure, or more typically be cloud-based.  

As a small to medium sized employer why should I invest in an HRIS?  

An HRIS could help to reduce admin and / or management time dealing with day-to-day people management administration – allowing them to focus more of their time on your beneficiaries.  This could include calculating holiday allowances, approving and recording annual leave, recording sickness absence and managing appraisals or one-to-ones.  

Think of all the spreadsheets or manual records you could eliminate! 

An HRIS may also give you up to date management information in seconds, for example allowing you to understand current levels of absence or employee turnover meaning you could develop action plans to make any improvements where required.  

Is there an HRIS system that works best for an SME?  

There are many HRIS providers in the market, but not all HRIS are the same and Roots HR are pleased to have taken some of the pain away from choosing a provider by partnering with Breathe HR, a cloud-based HR software solution designed to tame the chaos, so you can access your HR data online – easily and securely. 

By focusing on simplicity and ease of use, Breathe enables you to: 

  • Manage holiday processes 
  • Analyse sickness 
  • Track performance 
  • Securely store documents 

And more – all in one place. 

Breathe helps SMEs manage people-related functions and processes and to collate and store data in line with current data protection legislation. 

Focusing on SMEs with teams of up to 250 employees, Breathe’s proud to help 6500+ businesses effectively manage 200,000+ employees. 

How much will it cost me? 

Breathe offers clear and simple pricing plans. There are no contract tie-ins and you can pay monthly or annually. Breathe charges by account size and support is included. Details of their pricing can be found here 

What next?  

You can take advantage of Roots HR’s referral code below to try the system for FREE for 14-days and receive a discount on any subsequent purchase: 


Any queries? 

If you have any queries regarding implementing an HRIS, please do contact us on 01562 840060 or via info@rootshr.org.uk 

If you have any success stories of using Breathe HR we’d love to hear them, leave a comment below! 

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