Webinar recording – Dealing with Contentious Employment Matters (delivered 8th June 2022)

As the UK’s workforce adapts to working life after lockdown, the employment cases coming into our offices are unfortunately increasingly contentious. If you are a line manager, a senior manager, a Trustee or a Director with some responsibility for people management in an SME social sector organisation, then this webinar is for you.  It will enable you to understand the key reasons employment matters become contentious and the simple preventative actions you and your team can take to minimise the risks to your SME social sector organisation of any business disruption, employment tribunal claims, reputational damage and associated costs. You will finish the webinar knowing:

  • The types of cases we are currently seeing
  • The key weaknesses in employer organisations which exacerbate these cases when they arise and crucially, how your organisation can easily avoid these
  • Strategies to help you address swiftly, and minimise the impact of, difficult situations and conflict when it arises
  • Guiding principles for clients in case management situations which will enable you to prevent such cases from escalating or worsening in terms of complexity, duration and employer culpability.


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