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What is outplacement support and what are the benefits?

By Alison Smith - Lead Human Resources Consultant

A recent conversation amongst Consultants at Roots HR sparked a question – do people outside of the HR profession understand what we mean when we talk about outplacement support or services? A short Twitter poll later and the answer was a resounding No!

How to write a job description and person specification

By Alison Smith - Human Resources Consultant

Let’s imagine you are looking to recruit a role; the first thing I’d advise you to do is spend some time considering the following:

What HR Policies do I need?

By Katy Yeomans - Human Resources Consultant

A policy is a document providing guidance in specific circumstances, usually to ensure legal compliance and fairness via consistency of approach. Often they contain workplace procedures setting out the steps required in practice.
So what is legally required…?

What to include in Contracts of Employment

By Alison Smith - Human Resources Consultant

After a successful recruitment drive you’ve found the best person for the job and they’ve accepted your job offer, so now what…?

How to choose the right consultant for your organisation

By Jan Golding - Chief Executive

Whether it’s HR, finance, governance or general business support you seek for your social sector organisation, Jan Golding, founder and CEO of Roots HR CIC, helps those procuring consultancy services to get best value for their organisation.

Brexit – What does it mean for people management in social sector organisations?

By Alison Smith - Human Resources Consultant

We’re now a couple of weeks on from the result of the EU referendum and a lot has changed in UK politics! But, what impact has the result had on managing your workers or employment law?

A guide to employing people

By Katy Yeomans - Human Resources Consultant, Roots HR CIC

“What do I have to do to employ someone?”

The benefits of employing apprentices

By Louise Beasley - Director and Lead Consultant, Roots HR CIC

With 47% of organisations employing apprentices, and circa ½ million apprentices in 2014/15, could you be missing out?

Things to consider ahead of the National Living Wage

By Alison Smith - Human Resources Consultant, Roots HR CIC

Do you know your “National Minimum Wage (NMW)” from your UK “Living Wage” or your “National Living Wage (NLW)”? Confused? Then allow Roots HR to shed some light on this for you.

How to conduct interviews

By Alison Smith - Human Resources Consultant, Roots HR CIC

“If you were a biscuit, what type of biscuit would you be?” This is one of the many unusual interview questions that I have been asked throughout my career. I still wonder to this day what the interviewer hoped to get out of asking that question.

Managing Absence (Illness or injury)

By Alison Smith - Human Resources Consultant, Roots HR CIC

It’s October and that means clocks changing, temperatures dipping and thoughts start to turn towards winter and all that that holds; standing outside in the cold watching fireworks, late night shopping, Christmas and ah, ah, ah.. achoo… flu season!

Frances Morris, Human Resources Consultant

Back to School? First days and the importance of Induction

By Frances Morris - Human Resources Consultant, Roots HR CIC

We all remember how it felt starting at a new school – Will I know where to go/what to do? What will people be like?