Facilitation is the process of enabling individuals or groups to solve problems or to make decisions that help them and your organisation to move forwards in a positive way. Facilitated away days, team days etc. are often helpful when used as part of strategic planning or communication process.

Our HR Consultants will work with your Board or senior management team to help you understand your common objectives and assist you in planning to achieve them. Through a structured facilitation process we can enable groups and organisations to work more effectively and collaboratively; by remaining a neutral party we can create a safe, supportive yet appropriately challenging environment that enables your senior team to make decisions that feel fair, open and inclusive and where buy-in to change takes place.

A useful, optional addition to facilitated days and team events can be the sharing and discussion around the personality profiles of team members. Used as part of our team building activities, Clarity4D personality and team profiles allows individuals and teams to better understand themselves and how they interact with others, strengthening working relationships and aiding improved communications. Clarity4D encourages individuals to recognise and value the difference in others, to recognise their own impact on those around them, and provides a framework within which to build on strengths and plan practical steps to achieve positive change.

Please contact us in confidence for more information and to discuss this further.