When funding cuts and service delivery changes lead to organisational change, redundancies and restructuring are often inevitable.

If you are facing these sorts of decisions, you will be reassured to know that we can provide support and assistance through our ADAPT outplacement services,  thereby enabling employers to offer their employees a level of professional support that is usually too expensive for social sector organisations. We provide affordable outplacement service options tailored to the social sector to help employees prepare for restructures with internal competition or to prepare for their next role externally.

Our services cover a wide range of practical and emotional needs and are tailored to all levels from frontline staff to senior managers and Chief Executives, and to a range of budgets. They can be provided on a one-to-one or group basis, or a combination of these. Our services can include:

  • initial assessment
  • cv critique, re-writing and updating
  • identifying sources of future employment, both internal and external
  • on-line applications
  • personal statements
  • Clarity4D personality profiles
  • preparation for interviews and assessments
  • support to help the employee come to terms with change through counselling
  • support for employees who wish to make other life changes at this time such as setting up a business, relocating or retirement.

We can tailor the contents to suit your requirements and the needs of the employee.

Outplacement services are evidenced to improve morale, motivation and productivity during times of change, helping line managers to lose or redeploy staff with a clearer conscience, making their jobs easier and less stressful, as reported in The Value of Outplacement survey (Reed Consulting, 2006). In this survey, 65% of employers agreed or strongly agreed that providing employment support for employees displaced through redundancy helped the organization retain those employees required to stay. This is never more relevant than when the labour market is tight and competition for jobs is fierce.