Tips for managers – 8 top tips for improving mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

1. Respond quickly and positively to staff saying that they are stressed

Stress is one of the biggest causes of poor mental health in the workplace. A supportive ear plus small changes can make a world of difference to a colleague who tells you they are feeling stressed. Let them tell you what would help and implement it if you possibly can. If you have concerns about the stress levels of your staff contact us to find out how you can support staff and access our stress risk assessment tool.

2. Encourage healthy work habits

Encourage staff to take regular breaks and use their full annual leave entitlement.  Carry out Display Screen Equipment assessments for staff who regularly work on a computer.  You could also consider offering flexible working arrangements, which can be advantageous to both employees and your organisation.  Click here to access our free factsheet about handling flexible working requests and contact us to find out more about your legal obligations regarding rest breaks, annual leave and DSE assessments.

3. Carry out a staff satisfaction survey

Staff satisfaction surveys are a great way to find out how your staff feel about working for your organisation and can enable you to increase the engagement and wellbeing of your team.  Contact us to find out more about conducting surveys, including receiving a free factsheet about staff surveys and how to access free and discounted staff surveys.

4. Promote healthy eating

Support staff to eat healthily in order to help improve their wellbeing.  Simple ideas include encouraging staff to drink more water and substituting the office biscuits with delicious and nutritious fruit.

5. Encourage staff to be more active

Encourage staff to get up and move around where possible, you could try having a ‘standing or walking meeting’ or introduce a tax efficient ‘cycle to work’ scheme.

6. Introduce an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

EAPs are a confidential source of support to help employees deal with personal problems that might negatively impact on their performance, health and wellbeing.  EAPs can be purchased from as little as £100 per year for your whole organisation.  Contact us if you would like to find out more.

7. Carry out a quick employee relations healthcheck

Have a look at your organisation’s (anonymised) absence levels and reasons for absence, your turnover levels and the number of grievances and bullying and harassment complaints in order to help understand wellbeing levels in your organisation.

8. Introduce a sickness absence policy

Having a sickness absence policy is a great way of monitoring absence levels, providing support to employees and enabling the organisation to tackle the causes of absence.  We can develop a sickness absence policy for you organisation for just £390 plus VAT.  Contact us to find out more.

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