Pay & benefits structures & policies

An effective and affordable system of reward, remuneration and benefits is essential for any employer, however large or small. Changing existing systems, even where these have evolved through custom and practice, can be contentious and difficult and if handled badly, can seriously damage employee relations.

Full reviews of remuneration policy and systems take considerable time to implement. Clear scoping of the work to be done and leadership, oversight and project management of deliverables is critical for success. Policy points such as the triggers for salary progression will need consideration or relevant policies may need to be introduced for the first time.  Exercises such as salary benchmarking and job evaluation may need to be undertaken in order to inform new or revised pay scales. The true cost and the purpose of benefits may require examination. Changes require consultation with both employees and their representatives and may require contractual changes, depending on circumstances

Our consultants can undertake all or any part of such work, from the salary benchmarking of one role to revision of pay scales, from advice on the introduction, administration or removal of benefits to a full remuneration review. Typically the way we can add value will be through:

  • Review of existing processes
  • Policy development
  • Advice and support
  • Identifying suitable job evaluation systems and undertaking job evaluation
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Review and development of pay scales
  • Benefits reviews
  • Communication and consultation of processes and changes

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