Roots HR CIC Team Trying Harder As RBS SE 100 Index Goes Live

West Midlands-based Roots HR CIC is very pleased to be ranked in the upper quartile of the RBS SE 100 Index, being placed overall 147th out of the 854 organisations listed. They are ranked 7th overall in the West Midlands and 8th nationally in the Business Services and Consultancy sector.

The RBS SE 100 index measures growth year on year and provides a route for social enterprises to benchmark their social impact. Roots HR has a social impact rating of 7 out of 10 in the index, easily beating the average of 5. Benchmarking in this way is useful for a unique organisation like Roots HR, the UK’s first and only HR consultancy to use trading surpluses from fee-earning consultancy services to provide pro bono services and learning and development to improve people management in the civil society sector.

Founder and Chief Executive Jan Golding says, “The continuous development of the social enterprise sector sends the bar higher every year in this index. We have grown sustainably every year since 2009 and even with our record growth of over 35% last year, we still dropped out of the top 100. This index is a great way for us to see what we need to do to make our mark in the sector and to evidence that we are doing it”.

The Roots HR team are working hard and are aiming to make it back into the top 100 next year.